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1Ww Sm. Pomar, 12ml, 10, Medmess

1WW Liquid Glucose, Orange Flavor, 10 Packets 1WW Diabetic Foodstuff is an easy-to-absorb liquid glucose that provides fast relief.

2KC Extreme, 6,Colfarm S.A

a dietary supplement containing ingredients that help fight hangover symptoms.un complément alimentaire contenant des ingrédients qui aident à combattre les symptômes de la gueule de bois.

2KC Напиток, жидкий, 250 ,Colfarm S.A

предотвращает и помогает уменьшить дискомфорт, связанный с употреблением алкоголя prévient et aide à réduire l'inconfort lié à la consommation d'alcool

4 Flex 40, 30+10

The bioactive peptides contained in it have a prophylactic and regenerative effect on cartilage.

4Flex 30 New generation collagen with vitamin C, 4Flex 30 Kolagen nowej generacji z wit. C, 4Flex

Protein in the form of peptides helps maintain healthy bones, supports the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

500 mg film-coated tablets, 16, Antalnox

This medicine contains a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug: naproxen. Indicated in adults (over 15 years old).

A-z Papaya 60 for weight loss, immunity,A-z Medica

reduces body fat, improves digestion comfort and ,réduit la graisse corporelle, améliore le confort digestif et renforce le système immunitaire,strengthens the immune system

AA Intymna Advanced Med+ specialized intimate hygiene emulsion Advanced pH 3.5 300 ml,AA Intymna Advanced Med+ specjalistyczna emulsja do higieny intymnej Advanced pH 3,5 300 ml, Advanced Med

AA Intymna Harmony Med + Specialist intimate hygiene emulsion is a solution for women who need support in case of recurrent intimate or urinary tract infections.


Abra, blood glucose test strips.

Acard 150 mg 30 ,Acard 150 mg 30tabl.,Acard

Acard 150 mg is intended for long-term, preventive use in diseases that may cause clots and embolisms in blood vessels.

Acard 75mg 60,ZF Polpharma S.A.

which can cause thrombus formation and vascular embolism,qui peut provoquer la formation de thrombus et une embolie vasculaire