Any complaint we always try to do for your peace of mind.

1) Warranty period

1.1 we Generally provide our customers a 24-month warranty period starting from the date of receipt of the goods to the buyer.

1.2 This warranty period may be longer/shorter depending on the usage period indicated on the product packaging. The warranty period is limited to the date of consumption.

1.2.1 consumption figure of often marked on the packaging “best before / best before”,

1.2.2 policy on consumption should not be used on the package, if the minimum durability exceeds 30 months

1.2.3 in this case, as a rule, the packaging graphically shows an open package of cream

1.2.4 pointer that points to the open tube of cream determines how long after opening the product can be used

1.2.5 the most common are 12M or 24M that is 12 months or 24 months since

1.3 In the case of complaints about the product, the warranty period is automatically extended for the duration of the complaint.

1.4 In case of claim issuing for exchange of goods on the new , replacement product will have the initial warranty period.

2) Cases subject to appeal

2.1 the customer has the right to appeal the item, if you get him at odds with the contract and / or warranty period of the product will discover the fact that it can not be used normally.

2.2 the Customer is obliged to inspect the goods upon receipt to learn about any defects and damages. If he finds anything, he / she shall immediately inform the seller.

2.3 If the customer takes the goods from the carrier (not the vendor), the customer must verify the integrity of the packaging of the goods and in case of any defects to notify the carrier without undue delay.

2.4 In the event of damage to the shipping container indicating an unauthorized intrusion or damage to the goods, can not (recommend!) the customer to take delivery from the carrier. Such parcel must be returned to the seller, which, based on the damage at its expense as soon as possible substitute products.

3) How to report a complaint

3.1 We recommend that customers first contact us via phone or email with contact information where we will try to find the best solution to your problem.


3.1.2 (+48) 792 539 705  (for goods purchased in the city store)

3.2 products Returned can also be delivered directly to the supplier of one of the following ways

3.2.1 to bring them personally to the store Ul. Szlak 77/222 31-153, Kraków

3.2.2 send the parcel Ul. Szlak 77/222 31-153, Kraków. In this case, please attach a summary of the cause of action.

3.3 For claim you must attach an original or copy of the receipt or invoice with an online store. In a pinch you can use only the order number, then can find the payment confirmation and the seller. But it was not his responsibility.

3.4 to qualify for a refund, the customer must leave contact details (name, surname, telephone number and email address).

3.5 When submitting a claim the customer may provide the required form of compensation (new products, substitutes, discounts on goods, a refund of the amount in the form of a voucher for the purchase, refund). The supplier will endeavour to fulfil this requirement. However, it is not binding on him and may be changed in agreement with the client.

4) Process and decisions returns

4.1 the Seller will inform the Customer about the method of settlement of the complaint within three working days of receipt of the claim and provides proof of receipt of the claimed goods.

4.2 the seller has 30 days for the actual implementation of the complaint.

4.3 the seller shall inform the customer by phone or email immediately after receiving the complaint, provided contact information.

4.4 the Supplier may replace or repair the claimed goods. If this is not possible, goods may be reduced or refundable for purchase in the form of a voucher or in cash or by transferring money to the account or card.

4.5 In the event that the seller is unable to resolve the claim within 30 days, the customer is entitled to a new product or refund (form of agreement).

4.6 If the complaint is deemed justified, the customer has the right to reimbursement is virtually incurred the costs associated with the use of his right.

5) When the refund is not possible

5.1 the Seller claims that the product can not be refunded in the following cases:

5.1.1. the Use of cosmetic products with no apparent defect cannot be returned for hygienic reasons

5.1.1 Cosmetic products without obvious defect but used cannot be returned for hygienic reasons

5.1.2 Goods with expired or limited date of consumption or use, if this fact was known to the customer at the time of purchase.

5.1.3 Defects on the product caused by normal wear and tear , affecting the marketability

5.1.4 defect of the product caused by the customer , incorrect use, storage, maintenance, or mechanical damage

5.1.5 defect resulting from external injury or force majeure beyond the control of seller

Please note that the delivery of international mail is accompanied by customs procedures, for the result of which the sender cannot vouch.

You need to find out about the permission to ship the ordered product in your area yourself.

Dear customers. You need to know that medicines are not subject to return and exchange.

Even if you have not used them and preserved the integrity of the packaging, it is no longer possible to return the medicine!


The return of medicines is not possible, because the goods belong to the category of goods that are not refundable in Europe.

A cancellation of the purchase is possible prior to its execution and purchase from the supplier with a special request to our email,

in which you need to inform the order number and article of goods from which you decided to refuse. Refunds are made at 100% for the details specified in the letter of appeal.