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2× Accord Healthcare PrinceX 25 mg 4 ,2× Lek Accord Healthcare PrinceX 25 mg 4 tabletki,PrinceX

The drug works by keeping the blood vessels in the penis relaxed, increasing blood flow to the penis during sexual arousal.

2BE Slim 60 tabl, Colfarm

Colfarm slimming supplement. Product form: Tablets. Primary ingredient: Chromium, L-Carnitine, Vitamin B6. Indication: Improving the appetite.

2KC Extreme, 6,Colfarm S.A

a dietary supplement containing ingredients that help fight hangover symptoms.un complément alimentaire contenant des ingrédients qui aident à combattre les symptômes de la gueule de bois.

500 mg film-coated tablets, 16, Antalnox

This medicine contains a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug: naproxen. Indicated in adults (over 15 years old).

Acard 150 mg 30 ,Acard 150 mg 30tabl.,Acard

Acard 150 mg is intended for long-term, preventive use in diseases that may cause clots and embolisms in blood vessels.

Acard 75mg 60,ZF Polpharma S.A.

which can cause thrombus formation and vascular embolism,qui peut provoquer la formation de thrombus et une embolie vasculaire

Acatar Acti-Tabs 12,Acatar Acti-Tabs 12 tabl.,Acatar Acti-Tabs

Acatar Acti-Tabs is a drug used in inflammation of the nasal mucosa and temporarily in allergic rhinitis.

Acatar Acti-Tabs, 60mg+2,5mg, 12,US Pharmacia Sp. Z oo z o

Akatar Akti-Tabs is the relief of such symptoms of rhinitis.

ACC LONG 10h 600m,Salutas Pharma GmbH

For respiratory diseases such as acute bronchitis, larynx, trachea and influenza,Pour les maladies respiratoires telles que la bronchite aiguë, le larynx, la trachée et la grippe

ACC LONG 600 x 20,Sandoz s.r.o.

The drug is used to treat acute and chronic respiratory diseases.,Le médicament est utilisé pour traiter les maladies respiratoires aiguës et chroniques.

ACC LONG tbl eff 10x 600mg,ACC LONG 600 mg 10 šumivých tablet

ACC® Long 600 mg for wet cough with a pleasant blackberry aroma.

Acerola tablets 500, 24, 3 Chênes

This food supplement is indicated for fatigue. Based on acerola, rich in vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system and protects cells from oxidative stress.